Marcas Ltd is an association of ship owners and ship managers, with the purpose of aggregating their purchasing volume to obtain maximum value goods and services. This is determined by a combination of price, quality, assured supply and delivery, technical innovation, and commitment to cost saving efficiencies. Marcas preferred suppliers benefit from the potential purchasing of its members’ 1400 vessels. Whether you’re a ship owner, manager, supplier or simply interested in the marine market, explore our site to discover the very real benefits MARCAS has to offer.
What we do

For any ship operator or owner, keeping operating costs to a minimum is critical and achieving economies of scale is an obvious, yet often unachievable, solution for individual companies.                   
Who we are

Initially Marcas was established in 1999 in Bermuda. A European service operation centre rapidly followed. The initial founding partners were two major shipping/owning companies and Acomarit (acquired by V.Ships in 2001); all leading players in the shipping industry.

How to join us

For MARCAS to continue to successfully offer benefits to both members and suppliers, certain commitments are required...