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MARCAS is the world's leading maritime organisation representing shipping companies from across the world, aggregating purchasing volume to obtain maximum value for goods and services. Maximum value is determined by a combination of price, quality, service, and assured supply and delivery.

Marcas preferred suppliers benefit from the potential purchasing of its members’ 1500 vessels. Whether you’re a ship owner, manager, supplier or simply interested in the marine market, explore our site to discover the very real benefits MARCAS has to offer.

“The combined purchasing power of Marcas has allowed us to benefit from the most competitive pricing…while leaving control in our hands.“ Owner

“Wilhelmsen's contract with Marcas has allowed us to work closely with its member to develop new ways to reduce operating costs for both parties. This has been achieved by the open exchange of information and ideas, which have been developed and subsequently included in the contract. The results are mutually beneficial and represent a forward thinking approach.” Wilhelmsen

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The underlying principle of ‘existing MARCAS member volume, plus additional volume’ means a better price for you.

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We have established a strong network of leading shipyards worldwide and we provide you with a one-stop-shop for Dry-docking from technical aspect to commercial negotiations.